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Be Internet Awesome Family guide

Help your family be safe and smart online

The Be Internet Awesome Family Guide gives families the tools and resources to learn about online safety and citizenship at home. We’ve created this guide for families to make it easier to incorporate and practice good digital habits in your everyday lives. Packed with good stuff, this guide will help you and your kids discuss, learn, and think about online safety together.

For children


Experience the Internet at its best. Having fun.

Interland is an engaging online game that allows you to learn the concepts of digital security and digital citizenship in a simple and interactive way, just like the Internet should be. In this realm, children help their Internet friends fight hackers, bullies and bad guys who try to steal personal information and share confidential data, developing the skills necessary to become good digital citizens.

For Kids


Play your way to Internet Awesome.

Interland is a playful online game that makes learning about digital safety and citizenship interactive and fun — just like the Internet itself. Here, kids will help their fellow Internauts combat the badly behaved hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies by practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

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Internet Awesome Tips

5 quick tips for each pillar of our Internet Code of Awesome to help you be safe, smart and positive online


Family Pledge

Proof of Internet awesomeness comes in the form of an official certificate and badge for each lesson.


Family Link Parent’s Guide

The Family Link app from Google can help you schedule and set the ground rules for screen time. We've put together a companion guide for the app that will help you start a conversation with your child about how they use their device.


Internaut Papercraft Activity Template

Internauts come off the screen and into real life with this fun and hands-on paper activity.


Digital Wellbeing Family Guide

A conversation guide to help you tackle the tough tech questions and navigate the digital world as a family.


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